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Supported by Rohini Nilekani Philanthropies.
This Foundation Project is implemented by India Foundation for the Arts (IFA), under the Project 560 programme, made possible with support from Sony Pictures Entertainment Fund.
About the show
On a misty morning in 1996 a boy travels to school on a double-decker bus. In 1936 a journeyman-boxer prepares for the fight of his life. In a submerged city in the distant future, an archaeological excavation is underway. A relic from the past holds the key to the future. Is Day Zero the beginning of the end?
Cyberpunk meets microhistory, in this dazzling exploration of water, the city and memory. The play interweaves water sustainability challenges with entertaining Bangalore cantonment stories. It combines climate-change dystopia and retro-futurism to challenge our perceptions of past and future.

Performed by Alistar Bennis, Pooja Bhamrrah, Tariq Vasudeva and Mallika Prasad Sinha
Assistant Director Junaid Rather
Writer Ram Ganesh Kamatham
Sets Prasanna Sagara
Sound FX Design Rahul Ranganath - MonoHive
Original Score and Sound Aman Anand
Production and Social Media Khyati Raja
Backstage Crew Avinash Shivpure and Chandu D
FOH Lokendra Sarki
Hair and Makeup Uma Maheshwara
Sonic Pyramid Hand Crafted by Anandavel, Svaram Musical Instruments & Research
Rehearsal Venue Partner LVDS
Lights Sharukh Billimoria - STYLUS Sound N light Professionals
Poster design Sachin Jhadav
Thanks to Vishwanath Srikantaiah, the “Zen Rain man” and Biome Trust for insights and perspectives
Thanks to Asha Thadani, Aditi Raman

Designed and directed by Mallika Prasad Sinha​​​​​​​
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